Saturday, August 05, 2017

Read him like an open book

As a Leader of the United States, Cheeto Mussolini is very, very scrutable. Thanks to his unrestrained tweeting and uncontrollable mouth foreign 'observers' find it very easy to determine what he considers important and what he is "thinking" about.
President Donald Trump is proving to be an easy read for foreign intelligence services gauging how his mind works.

The steady stream of tweets flowing from Trump’s phone and the leak this week of candid conversations he’s had with two foreign leaders throw open a window on Trump’s views of the world, his moods and sensitivities.

“The president's tweets are an absolute gold mine of personal, detailed information on his personality and his emotional state,” former CIA director Michael Hayden said.

Getting a read on Trump through his public remarks and tweets is only one way foreign governments assess his temperament. More powerful nations also spy on him directly, seeking to eavesdrop on his conversations, and read his texts, former intelligence officials said.

“Every country in the world has Donald Trump marked for collection,” said Malcolm Nance, a retired codebreaker from the National Security Agency, the nation’s premier data collection branch.
So it seems that Cheeto himself may be the most important agent Putin has planted in the administration. And while others in the government try to play their cards close to their vests, Cheeto Mussolini sits at the head of the table with all his cards turned over.


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