Wednesday, June 14, 2017

They have what they want

But The Tangerine Shitgibbon's advisors and handlers are afraid of the mercurial nature of Trump's madness. What he is for today can change before his next meal. His soon to be announced policy for Cuba isone example.
President Donald Trump has a draft plan that would at least partially reverse the Obama administration’s decision to ease Cuba restrictions. But even some of his trusted advisers are wondering whether they can bank on it, given the president’s history of changing his mind on the fly.

According to people familiar with White House deliberations on Cuba policy, Trump is expected to prohibit companies from doing business with the small country’s military, tighten travel to the island and possibly set conditions on the communist government if Havana wants to maintain diplomatic relations.

That kind of plan, if it sees the light of day, could be welcome news for South Florida Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, who have been lobbying the White House to impose more restrictions. But it could hurt the American agriculture and tourism industries, whose executives tell McClatchy they have been pushing the Trump administration to keep newly opened, and potentially lucrative, business lanes open.

Advisers, having seen how the fight for influence among factions within the administration has played out on other controversial issues, such as support for NATO, say they won’t truly know until the words come out of the president’s mouth. Certainly, the group seeking a return to tighter restrictions knows there is a rival contingent inside the White House that opposes Trump’s campaign promise to roll back parts of former President Barack Obama’s opening to the island.

“I believe in nothing until the president says it because of what we’ve seen, especially with what happened with the Article 5 and NATO,” said a source familiar with the administration’s discussions about Cuba. “The president was going to come out with a statement that he supported Article 5 and collective defense and then at the last second, certain elements at the White House got to him and he didn't say that.”

The announcement is expected to be made by Trump on Friday in Miami.
And between now and Friday, Raul Castro could call up Eric Trump and offer a deal for a Trump Tower and golf resort in Cuba's finest tourist area and that would change the whole deal. Or Tangerine could just wake up Friday having forgotten what he was going to do and make something up on the spot to the horror of his handlers. With a fool for a president, all things are possible.


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