Monday, June 12, 2017

Gonna be some major twisting needed

And after the second appeals court threw The Tangerine Shitgibbon's illegal Muslim ban on the shitheap again, the current body of law will have to be distorted and twisted into an unrecognizable shape for SCOTUS to uphold it.
A second federal appeals court on Monday ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban. The decision, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, was the latest in a string of court rulings rejecting the administration’s efforts to limit travel from several predominantly Muslim countries.

The administration has already sought a Supreme Court review of a similar decision issued last month by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in Richmond, Va.

The new ruling affirmed a March decision from Judge Derrick K. Watson, of the Federal District Court in Hawaii. Judge Watson blocked major parts of the revised order, saying they violated the Constitution’s ban on a government establishment of religion. Judge Watson wrote that the statements of Mr. Trump and his advisers made clear that his executive order amounted to an attempt to disfavor Muslims.
Maybe someday Tangerine will realize that Executive Orders are not Imperial Decrees with which he can impose whatever he pleases on the peasants. That day may very well be long after that useless lump of shit is dead and buried.


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