Saturday, May 06, 2017

Bill revisits The Lesser of Two Evils

Really? You still think She was evil?

"Quite a bit lesser, wouldn't you say now?" Why, no, I don't think so. We aren't at war with Russia yet, and we still haven't deployed the 3d Armored Division to Iraq or the 101st Airmobile to Syria. The omens are not auspicious, and Trump surely is evil enough to regret that he's president, but the counterfactual is unproven/unprovable, and I'm not sure we'd be better off with Hillary. Well, we could be sure she'd veto the AHCA, which would be good, but I'm hoping this will rouse people who have been voting Republican and also waken some corporate New Democrats to how bad their neoliberalism has been for most of us. Also, I thought I remembered a time when Bill Maher was actually funny. What ever happened to his sense of humor?

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