Thursday, April 06, 2017

Having made numerous attempts

To cover up and hide his indecent relationship with Putin's Russia, Donald Trump has let it be known he is ready to roll out the heavy artillery, literally. Every failed leader knows that nothing makes you look good better than a good war. Sadly, there are no good wars available so he is rumbling about blowing up what is left of Syria.
President Trump warned on Wednesday that he would not tolerate the “heinous” chemical weapons attack in Syria, opening the door to a greater American role in protecting the population in a vicious civil war that he has always said the United States should avoid.

The president declined to offer any details about potential action. But he said his horror at the images of “innocent children, innocent babies” choked by poison gas in a rebel-held area of Syria had caused him to reassess his approach. Only days after the White House declared it would be “silly” to persist in trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Mr. Trump said, “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.”

“It crossed a lot of lines for me,” the president declared at a news conference in the Rose Garden, referring to the “red line” that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, had drawn before a 2013 poison-gas attack by Mr. Assad’s forces. Mr. Obama’s failure to strike Syria after that, Mr. Trump claimed, sowed the conditions for this new assault. The estimated death toll was reported to have exceeded 100.

Syria was one of several places, along with North Korea and Iran, where Mr. Trump on Wednesday threatened a forceful American response. But in all these cases, he declined to disclose options, arguing that there was a need for surprise but stoking worries that his fledgling administration is not ready to deal with multiple threats across the Middle East and Asia.
Syria looks like the safest bet for a war, lacking as it does a fearsome military and friends who will come to its defense. Iran is bigger and more capable than Syria and North Korea has China to watch over it. But it is those war torn pushovers that are most likely to be "tar babies", sucking you in and never letting go. And General Donny and his Pentagon Posse aren't smart enough to begin anything they can end. See Afghanistan.


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