Friday, August 26, 2016

Someone in France has some sense

From the New York Times:
France’s highest administrative court on Friday suspended a town’s ban on so-called burkinis, the full-body swimwear used by some Muslim women that has become the focus of intense debates over women’s rights, assimilation and secularism.

The Council of State, the top court in the French administrative justice system, ruled that the ban on bathing at the beach in the outfit, enacted by the town of Villeneuve-Loubet on Aug. 5, violated civil liberties, including freedom of movement and religious freedom.

At least 20 other municipalities, most of which are on the French Riviera, have imposed similar bans. Although the decision on Friday does not apply directly to them, it amounts to a warning that their prohibitions are likely to be similarly struck down if challenged in court. The largest such community is the city of Nice.
Lots of people wear inappropriate clothing at the beach and if Muslim women want to blame their outfits on their particular imaginary sky demon, so be it. So far the reaction to it has been the harmful part.


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