Tuesday, August 23, 2016

15 years and $70 Billion later

Another US soldier dies because the generals don't have the brains to end the conflict in Shitholeistan and the politicians don't have the balls.
A United States soldier was killed by a bomb near the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah and another was wounded, officials said on Tuesday, days after more than 100 American soldiers arrived there to help plan the strategic city’s defense against a fierce Taliban assault.

The United States military has increasingly found itself drawn back to regular combat situations this year as the Afghan forces have struggled against Taliban offensives.

The increased American presence around Lashkar Gah in particular, more than two years after British soldiers closed their last base in the city, highlights a scramble to prevent the fall of a major population center. For weeks before the Americans’ arrival, top Afghan generals were being sent from Kabul to hold the line as district after district came under attack, with the Taliban surrounding the city.

In a statement on Tuesday, the United States military said the service member had died of “wounds sustained during operations near Lashkar Gah,” the capital of Helmand Province, when a patrol encountered an improvised explosive device.
People may blame this on the Military Industrial Complex but they make minimal profit from this. Their money comes from boy toys like the F-35 Flying Brick, the latest nuclear carrier and unneeded C-130's M1A1's and other worthless projects that continue war or peace.


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