Monday, March 28, 2016

Torn between 2 lovers

On the one hand is that creep who has been stalking you and none of your friends can stand either, but he does have a huge prick. And on the other hand, your current squeeze, a total asshole, always making fun of other people despite his cute little prick but he does have a yooge bank account. So if you are a Republican, who do you choose?
As Mr. Cruz seeks to unite the disparate factions of the Republican Party that are bonded only by their dead-set opposition to Donald J. Trump, a high-wire act is required: welcoming the top ranks of the same establishment he has spent years excoriating while not abandoning the hard-line conservatives who like him in part because of his attacks on party leaders.

While the Romney and Bush endorsements drew headlines, what has been just as striking is the sound of silence from the vast majority of Republican elected officials and leading donors. Nearly two weeks after Senator Marco Rubio dropped out of the race, there has been no mass rush to Mr. Cruz, even as he appears to be the last line of defense against a Trump nomination.

The decision by so many leading Republicans to remain on the sidelines is all the more notable because it appears inversely proportional to the scale of concern about Mr. Trump. His recent attacks on Mr. Cruz’s wife and soaring unpopularity among women, minorities and college-educated voters have left many in the party more convinced than ever that, with Mr. Trump as their standard-bearer, they are churning toward a political iceberg this fall.

But this fear has not been enough to coax them in Mr. Cruz’s direction.

“They’re afraid of Trump’s voters and they hate Cruz,” explained Senator Lindsey Graham, who has tried to rally his colleagues behind Mr. Cruz. “But if I can swallow my pride, they can, too.”
Most people haven't had the practice swallowing that Miss Lindsey has and that is why their pride remains sourly in their mouths. And Ted Cruz still doesn't have any friends beyond the village idiot.


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