Thursday, March 17, 2016

So many things to say No to and so little time

The poor Republican Senate under Master Asshole Mitch McConnell just doesn't have the time to waste on that black guys Supreme Court nominee. At least, not until after the anticipated Republican disaster in November.
A day after Mr. Obama announced Judge Garland, who serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, as his choice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, the battle lines could hardly have been drawn more starkly.

“When it comes to filling the current Supreme Court vacancy, which could fundamentally alter the direction of the court for a generation, Republicans and Democrats simply disagree,” Mr. McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor. “We simply disagree. Republicans think the people deserve a voice in this critical decision. The president does not. So we disagree in this instance and as a result, we logically act as a check and balance.”

Mr. McConnell said Republicans planned to move on with other important legislative business. Senate Democrats, by contrast, planned to step up their demands that Republicans hold hearings and a vote on Judge Garland, who won praise from several Republican senators when they approved him for the appeals court in 1997.

Senate Democrats, who have turned “Do Your Job” into a rallying cry in recent weeks, planned to walk across the street to hold a midday news conference outside the Supreme Court. Then, Judge Garland was scheduled to arrive at the Capitol for his initial meetings — first with Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, and then with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader.
A few of the more endangered Republican Senators have threatened to break away from the herd, but Mitch won't even talk to the man.


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