Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A few interesting short bits

  Another banker has killed himself
, this one the second from JP Morgan Chase. He was allegedly a junior employee and not involved in any area of banking currently under investigation by several governments. He is also the fourth banker in as many weeks to kill himself. It's almost as if someone is getting rid of any witnesses.

  Bloomberg reports
on a most encouraging sign of economic recovery, the divorce rate is climbing. It seems that with an improved economy, people can now afford to split up.

 An important icon and staple of French life is currently endangered as the is only one French manufacturer left.
Laulhere, a 174-year-old beret-maker, is fighting to keep the quintessential French headgear French.

Laulhere became the country’s sole maker of traditional berets after it last week bought Blancq-Olibet, its only French competitor, which was almost 200 years old. Cheaper knockoffs from China, India and the Czech Republic made survival hard for local makers of berets, which have been as much a symbol of France as baguettes and Gauloises cigarettes.

“There are berets and there are berets,” said Mark Saunders, the head of sales at Laulhere and an Irishman who has lived in France for over two decades. “If you don’t want to smell like a sock wearing a wet beret, only our traditional French beret doesn’t retain odors. Small details like that make a difference.”
Remember, old sock, only you can save the genuine beret.

I will say one thing, although my only experience of berets is comparing green and black ones. The men in my life were/are "Green Berets" -- so I had some experience with these woolen hats that usually had the linings ripped out to make them more shape-able. Then the Army decided ALL the soldiers should wear berets -- first nasty tan-dead squirrel colored ones, then black ones. When they needed such quantities, they ordered from a different supplier (pretty sure IN China) and the new mass-quantity berets were SHIT. Made of cheaper scratchy wool and poorly sewn, too.

So, that old Frenchman likely has a point!

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