Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another government zombie reanimates.

For some reason, it is almost impossible to kill a bad idea that has traction in government. One of those undead ideas that looks to be re-animated is the idea of sacrificing more US troops to prop up uber-criminal Karzai of the Afghans after the end of 2014.
Afghanistan's president, Hamid Karzai, has lined up a high-profile negotiating team to thrash out a critical long-term security deal with the US, raising hopes that talks suspended in June might restart soon.

The national security adviser, Rangin Dadfar Spanta, and former finance minister Dr Ashraf Ghani will represent the Afghan government in negotiations on the bilateral security agreement whenever they start again, said Aimal Faizi, a spokesman for Karzai.

In a further glimmer of hope for diplomats, Faizi said that while Karzai had not yet decided to restart talks, a national convention to approve a final draft could be held within two months, suggesting he is considering authorising a new round of negotiations.

The bilateral security agreement will provide a framework for American soldiers to stay on in Afghanistan after the Nato combat mission ends next year.

The troops will not be fighting on the ground but they are expected to train Afghan forces and provide vital support in areas where the national army is weak, from intelligence to air power. Without them the Afghan army and police will probably struggle to hold off the Taliban.

If there is no deal, billions of dollars of promised aid to pay salaries for the large Afghan security forces and develop the fragile economy are also unlikely to be paid to Kabul.
Can't fund SNAP, Head Start, build US schools and roads but we can piss away $Billions on the most corrupt regime we have ever been involved with. This is one zombie that needs to be dismembered and burned before it can get on its feet.


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