Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's good to be rich

As America's wealthiest mayor of America's wealthiest city has proved again. Bloomie doesn't like guns, they cause big problems in a big city. And his SuperPAC has been throwing some money out there against the pro-gun candidates in the Illinois 2nd District race. His first round of ads was directed at pro-gunner Debbi Halvorson. And it has had the desired effect.
Chicago has been plagued with gun violence for years and Jackson Jr.’s former seat represents the south side of Chicago, one of the most violent areas. Unsurprisingly, gun control is a major issue to the electorate. With this reality in mind, a Democratic candidate, Toi Hutchinson attempted to capitalize on the damage Bloomberg inflicted on Halvorson by claiming she had reversed her opinion of the NRA and the multiple “A” ratings they’ve given her over the years. While the NRA’s recent (and revolting) antics have given pause to many who previously supported them, Hutchinson’s sudden conversion left Bloomberg’s PAC unconvinced.

Starting on Friday, the following ad attacking both Hutchinson and Halvorson was released:

Earlier on Sunday, Hutchinson released a statement ending her bid for Congress and instead putting her support behind Kelly.
One down and one to go.


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