Saturday, December 08, 2012

Why Don't the Democrats ask for the whole enchilada?

Gaius Publius has a post on AmericaBlog that asks a damn good question? If President Obama and the Democrats have the upper hand in the fiscal negotiations, why are we begging the Republicans not to hurt Social Security and please let us raise taxes a few points?
In the looming fiscal cliff, fiscal showdown (gunfight at Fiscal Corral) discussions, the Republican “ask” is a bunch of big-ticket items — roll back social insurance; lower taxes for billionaires; lower taxes for corps (check out the “territorial taxation” proposal sometime); a pony; Santa’s sleigh; Rudolph’s head on a plate.

And the Dem “ask” is — please don’t hurt us too much. By that I mean, don’t cut social insurance; raise taxes on billionaires just “a little”; and the ever-popular “balanced approach” in which our side has to feel pain, or swallow a “bitter pill”. They request a pony; we ask for a bitter pill.
After giving us a list of what we should be asking for, sadly he gives us a list of folks on "our side" and how they really really aren't. But that is no reason not to keep on fighting, the Hundred Years War wasn't won on a day.


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