Thursday, August 18, 2011

A scientific breakthrough

From Bloomberg:

Kevin McKernan was leading Life Technologies Corp. (LIFE)’s Ion Torrent DNA-sequencing research when a new business opportunity caught his eye: marijuana.

A year later, McKernan, 38, has quit his job, formed a startup run from his house in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and announced today that the company had sequenced the entire genome of the cannabis plant.

The project, which cost about $200,000, may lead to the development of treatments for cancer, pain and inflammatory diseases, he said.
Now if they can just find a way to implant the THC producing gene in humans. That would be worth a couple of Nobel Prizes.

Not a chance -are you stupid Mont? It's pot damn it. Can't be hav'in no pot in this huge country of ours. We're in a decades old war ya know and it's one we can't lose.

Wouldn't it be something if the right minds would open up to the possibilities and say go for it.

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