Thursday, August 18, 2011

MIC getting nervous about possibility of real cuts in spending.

Mind you the possibility of any serious cuts in defense spending are beyond the pale but the cuts may be deep enough to require sacking a few EVP's and letting their Pentagon Generals take actual retirement. Notice that if this were to happen, few real people would be hurt.
Facing the possibility of actual defense spending cuts for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the nation's biggest defense contractors have put aside their traditional hyper-competitiveness and joined forces in a messaging and advocacy blitz under the slogan "Second to None."
Cute slogan Second to None and so true. Who else creates multi million dollar planes that look great on the ground but can't fly? And let us not forget the Navy's new vessels that will either break apart or rust out in their first year of operation.

Let's face the truth. We can afford to cut the Defense budget in half without endangering our security. We might have to give up our two shitty little wars in the Middle East, finally kill the Star Wars program, close our overseas bases in Europe, Japan, Korea and any other country that doesn't need us there, return the F-22's and F-35's to the manufacturer for a refund because of defects, the same for the Littoral Combat Ship, mothball a section or two of the Pentagon and stop hiring mercenaries to do the job of the military at quadruple the cost but we would be no less safer. Now, when the Republican/Teabaggers are saying we are broke, would be a good time to start.


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