Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some people will eat any animal that moves

Which is your business if you do, just don't shoot the dog. But having shot a particular animal, you don't put it out for sale.
Earlier this month, acting on a tip, DHEC health inspectors found bags of chilled raccoon meat in a cooler at a Gadsden convenience store near Eastover in lower Richland County and told the owner to get rid of them.

“This is not something we see even on a rare basis,” said DHEC spokesman Thom Berry, who in his 28 years with the agency could not recall a single time raccoon meat was found in a store cooler.

Raccoon meat is not properly certified by state and federal meat inspectors as being safe for humans to eat, Berry said.

Raccoons are known carriers of the rabies virus, though not all raccoons carry the virus.

Berry said when inspectors made a second visit to the store, the raccoon meat was still on the premises. Inspectors told the operator to put bleach on it and throw it in the trash.
This could explain much about South Carolina politics.


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