Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never shit where you eat

That is why well drillers move into areas where other people eat, do their thing, move out and leave their shit behind. This has been going on since Drake first did it in Pennsylvania. The NY Times has a look at the latest means of leaving shit behind when they have drilled; it is called fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing. It involves forcing water with various "proprietary" additives into rock to fracture it and release the natural gas trapped there. The drillers have always maintained the process is clean and safe. Multiple examinations have usually found otherwise. The Times look at this includes one paragraph that tells it all.
While the existence of the toxic wastes has been reported, thousands of internal documents obtained by The New York Times from the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health are greater than previously understood.
The rest of it shows how much greater those dangers are.


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