Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Oklahoma AntiChrist calls for more Depression

Old Dr. No, Tom Coburn, is back in his sulphurous pulpit demanding that the government stop the recovery in its tracks.
Republican Sen. Tom Coburn says confidence in the country's economy and currency will be "undermined significantly" in the next several years if the government doesn't find a way to cut federal spending.

Coburn says the U.S. must begin to chip away at the country's huge debt and slash hundreds of billions from the budget in wasteful spending or face the kind of severe fiscal crisis that has plagued Ireland and Greece.
We can only imagine that the necessary demand to continue the recovery will come from lots of praying. It is possible that we can pull it out of our collective asses. More likely, Tom is trying to fool you into handing a squalid third world country to your children so that the Koch Brothers may prosper.


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