Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got Aids Yet?

unless you are rich, get some condoms instead. Thanks to the Great Bush Depression and the coordinated Republican effort to filibuster any government funds to help people, many of the state programs to fund HIV drugs for people who can't afford them are being closed or cutback.
The weak economy is ravaging the government program that provides life-sustaining antiretroviral drugs to people with H.I.V. or AIDS who cannot afford them. Nearly 1,800 have been relegated to rapidly expanding waiting lists that less than three years ago had dwindled to zero.

As with other safety-net programs, ballooning demand caused by persistent unemployment and loss of health insurance is being met with reductions in government resources. Without reliable access to the medications, which cost individuals in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program an average of $12,000 a year, people with H.I.V. are more likely to develop full-blown AIDS, transmit the virus and require expensive hospitalizations.

Eleven states have closed enrollment in the federal program, most recently Florida, which has the nation’s third-largest population of people with H.I.V. Three other states have narrowed eligibility, and two of them — Arkansas and Utah — have dropped scores of people from the program.
While paying for drugs now is immensely cheaper than the hospitalization when AIDS develops, when you are in the hospital an educated guess can be made about the end of your liability. So if you are clean now, keep it in the bag unless you like the idea of spending your last days stuck full of tubes in a ward with others like you, all saying the same thing. Jeez, he had such a nice ass.


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