Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Old Fart's new tactic against Obama would appear to be accusing Obama of all the failings that define the Old Fart.
A review of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings as listed on the committee Web site for the past two years reveals that McCain's committee has held six hearings that included the word "Afghanistan" in the title or Central Command -- which overseas U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

McCain missed them all.

He missed the hearings with Adm. William Fallon, then the CentCom commander, with authority over Afghanistan, on March 4, 2008, and May 3, 2007.

There was also hearing on June 7, 2007, on the nomination of Gen. Douglas Lute to be the White House war czar with oversight over Afghanistan.
And it is not just the Old Fart, his surrogates suffer from the same flaw.
Of the three Afghanistan-related hearings that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has had over the past 22 months, Obama, the presumptive Democratic candidate, has only attended one.

Meanwhile, DeMint, who most recently attacked Obama over Afghanistan, didn't attend any.
The advantage of this tactic is that you know a lot about what you are accusing your opponent of doing. If there is a weak point, it is relying on the power of barbecue to keep the press from tipping your hand. So far the ribs seem to be working.


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