Monday, July 28, 2008

Once a Dickwahd, always a Dickwahd.

The Disabled American Veterans were going to have The Dickwahd himself speak at their convention. The The Dickwahd made his requirements clear.
His staff insisted the sick vets be sequestered for two hours before Cheney's arrival and couldn't leave until he'd finished talking, officials confirmed.
That last part is the von Stauffenberg clause I believe.

The DAV had one problem with that.
Many of the vets are elderly and left pieces of themselves on foreign battlefields since World War II, and others were crippled by recent service in Iraq and Afghanistan. For health reasons, many can't be stuck in a room for hours.
Given a choice between their members and The Dickwahd, the DAV chose their members and told The Dickwahd to not bother coming. Surprising, but good for them.


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