Sunday, July 13, 2008

Frank Rich compares Nixon and Bush

And for once in his preznitency, Our Dear Embattled Leader comes out ahead. Sadly he wins the comparisons of criminality and stupidity, but these always were Georgie's strongest traits.
We are once again distracted and unprepared while the Taliban and bin Laden’s minions multiply in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This, no less than the defiling of the Constitution, is the legacy of an administration that not merely rationalized the immorality of torture but shackled our national security to the absurdity that torture could easily fix the terrorist threat.

That’s why the Bush White House’s corruption in the end surpasses Nixon’s. We can no longer take cold comfort in the Watergate maxim that the cover-up was worse than the crime. This time the crime is worse than the cover-up, and the punishment could rain down on us all.
If their past record is any indication, their BFF Osama should strike just before the election.


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