Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few more legacy moments in Georgie's Glory

Iraq is slowly getting more deadly again and some of it can be blamed on the "fog of war" also known as what you get when you have lots of armed people who don't speak the same language running around.
American soldiers fatally shot three Iraqi bank employees Wednesday as their car passed a convoy near Baghdad International Airport, according to an Interior Ministry official and Yarmouk Hospital, where the bodies were brought.

The attack was one of two bloody episodes on Wednesday in which the American military and Iraqi officials offered sharply different accounts of what had happened.

Iraqi authorities said at least eight civilians had been killed by American soldiers. American military officials said that in each case they opened fire after coming under attack, and that they were unaware of any civilian deaths.

The military also reported on Wednesday that four American soldiers had died in unrelated events. They brought the death toll of American service members this month to 26.
And Georgie says, not my problem, let the next guy worry about it.


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