Thursday, April 24, 2008

They did it before and they can do it again

Yes, they can do it again and the rest of us will need Depends when we fly.
The Federal Aviation Administration announced Thursday its second effort in three years to stop its managers in Texas from covering up air safety violations _ after a new investigation found the misconduct continued into last year.

In the latest blow to an agency already under fire for letting airlines ignore its safety directives, the FAA announced that the top two managers of an air traffic control facility in Dallas-Fort Worth had been removed from their jobs.

In addition, the Transportation Department's inspector general found FAA managers in Dallas-Fort Worth routinely and intentionally misclassified instances where airplanes were allowed to fly closer together than they were supposed to, the FAA said. Instead of calling them operational errors or deviations from safety rules by FAA controllers, the managers labeled them pilot errors or nonevents.
If anything shows how deeply the Bushovik ideology of corporatism has seeped into the government, this is a prime example. To hell with what you were hired to do, take care of the airlines.


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