Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Old Fart puts forth his health plan

It is nothing more than a re-warming of Our Dear Embattled Leader's hairball ideas with a few new twists to funnel more federal tax dollars into the insurance companies.
Mr. McCain’s health care plan would shift the emphasis from insurance provided by employers to insurance bought by individuals, to foster competition and drive down prices. To do so he is calling for eliminating the tax breaks that currently encourage employers to provide health insurance for their workers, and replacing them with $5,000 tax credits for families to buy their own insurance.

His proposal to move away from employer-based coverage was similar to one that President Bush pushed for last year, to little effect.
So the Old Fart wants to take away the strength of numbers in employer health care and let us all fend for ourselves against a vicious, greedy industry that values your dollars ahead of your health. And he will continue with his cradle-to-the-grave government health coverage.

And to help you understand the Old Fart's plan, someone was nice enough to put together this video.


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