Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joe Galloway reveals Bush's exit strategy

And it really takes no great wisdom to see this coming, just some history and experience. When all is said and done, this is what Republicans have always done when their cherished ideas create another disaster.
It was easy to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein. Easy, too, to let the genie of sectarian violence out of the bottle. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and then-defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and their neo-conservative cheerleaders predicted that our troops would be greeted as conquering heroes, that the war would cost only $50 billion, last only three or four months and implant Jeffersonian democracy in the Middle East.

Now it's harder than Chinese algebra to get out after five long years of war, an American death toll of more than 4,000, an Iraqi death toll numbered in the hundreds of thousands and a cost to the United States estimated at as much as $3 trillion if the war ended tomorrow.

How much more American and Iraqi blood must be spilled between now and January 20, 2009, so George W. Bush can boast that Iraq wasn't lost on his watch, that he never cut and ran and that — never mind — it wasn't al Qaida or Iran that defeated us in Iraq, it was the Democrats?
Never mind that the Republicans own this mess 100%.


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