Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Dear Embattled Leader to veto State Children's Health Insurance Program

After overseeing an increase in both the number of families below the poverty line and the number of families without health insurance during his 6 year reign, Our Dear Embattled Leader sees no need to increase the funding for a program that provides some health coverage to children of families without it and at the urging of his "senior advisors", (Dick Cheney), has declared he will veto the bill working through Congress, despite bipartisan support..

Spending $12 BILLION a month on his war of choice is A-OK with him, but health insurance for kids funded by a tax increase on cigarettes is bad. No doubt he subscribes to the stern western philosophy of John Chivington who famously stated it when asked by his militiamen if they should kill Indian children, "Nits make lice".


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