Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The mighty Republican filibuster strikes again

And more people will die because the brave Republican senators who spoke out so resolutely against Our Dear Embattled Leader's Glorious Adventure in Iraq have shown themselves to be Republicans first and bravery is just so much persiflage. Harold Meyerson, writing in the WaPo, serves up a well deserved helping of contempt for the "stout hearted" cowards.
They have seen the folly of our course in Iraq. The mission, they understand, cannot be accomplished. The Iraqi government, they discern, is hopelessly sectarian.

In wisdom, they are paragons. In action, they are nullities.

Perhaps they are simply farsighted. They have seen the problem with Nouri al-Maliki's administration in faraway Baghdad. They seem unable to see the problem with the Bush administration at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Well said, if only those paragons had a "Dorothy" to give them courage.

And if anybody is wondering, notorious Bush lapdog Joe Lieberschmuck, Independent senator from CT the dumbest fucking state in the union, voted with the Bushoviks (and is still waiting for his doggie treat).


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