Friday, March 09, 2007

How it works

The Charlotte Observer has an article on the sad state of a North Carolina VA hospital. The key findings sum up the oversight process well.
A team of federal investigators spent four days at a hospital here in 2005 to see whether thousands of N.C. veterans were consistently receiving safe and thorough care.

Their conclusion: Not a chance.

In particular, they cited what they called the inadequate care received by two veterans who died at the hospital.

The inspectors determined the Hefner VA Medical Center, one of the fastest-growing VA hospitals in the U.S., was a mess...

...Using the clinically blunt language of the medical bureaucracy, the team describes a facility with poorly trained doctors and nurses who, among other things, cut corners on treatment, manipulated records and didn't talk enough with patients and families.
Two years ago they found the care to be sadly lacking. At this time the patients would include Iraqi vets as well as those of earlier wars. So they institute a plan for improvement, fire poor performers and bring in new equipment, right? Nope.
Though they never made a follow-up trip to Salisbury, federal investigators say they closed the case last year. Donald Moore, director of the hospital at the time of the inspection and now head of a VA facility in Phoenix, could not be reached for comment.
Not even a failed effort, but no effort whatsoever!. I wonder if they got a bonus for closing the case? And Don Moore is still on the prowl in Phoenix.


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