Sunday, March 25, 2007

Here we go again

Much is being made in the MSM and across the sentient part of Blogtopia (y!sctp) about the Republican senators who have been critical of Attorney General Gonzo and his continued presence in government. This is supposed to be a sign of the end of Fredo. In a perfect world, or at least one like that I grew up in, this sort of opposition would have Gonzo turning in his resignation if he wasn't already fired. The many years since those halcyon days have, for better or worse, turned me into a hard core cynic and that cynicism has me saying, "So what!" Which senators are in opposition? Why the loyal Republican opposition wing faction of the party. There is Arlen Specter, Our Dear Embattled Leader's favorite lapdog, who will bark and yip and always end up curled up in the lap of his master. There is Lindsey Graham, the integritudinous JAG who knows about the law and the military but sponsored the end of habeas corpus. And Chuck Hegel, the gimlet eyed veteran who growled in manly support of the troops and the Constitution but somehow never can find a way to vote against the CINCUS. With this kind of opposition, Gonzo does not have to worry about the Republican side of the aisle. OK, so I forgot to mention Gordon Smith. He is up for re-election and ODEL will cut him some slack in what he says, so long as he does not really get in the way. To this old cynic, there is no discernable Republican opposition to Gonzo yet and probably won't be until the courts rule against ODEL on the subpoena issue. And with the Dread Chief Justice Roberts and his scurvy crew, you know when that will happen.


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