Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bong Hits 4 Jesus

When in the course of human events, the never ending wave attacks of the forces of Stupid wear you down to the point of giving up, there comes a moment so stupid that you have no choice but to continue. The case of Joseph Frederick, now approaching the Supreme Court, is one such event.
The message connected drug use and religion in a nonsensical phrase that was designed to provoke, and it got Joseph Frederick into a lot of trouble.

After he unfurled his 14-foot "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner on a Juneau, Alaska, street one winter morning in 2002, Frederick got a 10-day school suspension. Five years later, he has a date Monday at the Supreme Court in what is shaping up as an important test of constitutional rights.

Students do not leave their right to free speech at the school door, the high court said in a Vietnam-era case over an anti-war protest by high school students.

But neither can students be disruptive or lewd or interfere with a school's basic educational mission, the court also has said.
That last line is just a smokescreen. As this picture shows, there is not much that can be construed as "disruptive or lewd or interfer[ing] with a school's basic educational mission"

But, when you have a school principal that left her brain locked in the trunk of her car that day, you get this result.
[Principal Deborah] Morse saw the banner, confronted Frederick and suspended him. Frederick said she doubled the suspension to 10 days when he quoted Thomas Jefferson on free speech.
So I hope you noticed that he had a better knowledge of American History than she did. That said, normal adults should have stepped in and restored a little sense to the situation, but they didn't. And it went to court and it looks like it will go ALL_THE_WAY! Thanks in no small part to the likes of William Bennett and Barry McCaffrey and Kenneth "Kenny the DC Blow Job Queen" Starr, egging on the school administration. So we wait to see how The Dread Chief Justice Roberts, his scurvy lieutenants Scalia & Alito and the cabin boy Thomas will decide. Since the 9th District Court voted in Fredericks favor, my money is they will side with the forces of Stupid.


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