Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Australia has kangaroos, Our Dear Leader has kangaroo courts.

And the government of the Bush, by the Bush and most importantly, for the Bush will give us an edited look at how its done, after they have finished.
Reporters will be barred from hearings that begin Friday in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the 14 terror suspects who were transferred last year from secret CIA prisons, officials said Tuesday....

...In announcing the hearings, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said he could not say which of the 14 would go first or how long the process would take.

No word of the hearings will be made public until the government releases a transcript of the proceedings, edited to remove material deemed damaging to national security, he said.
National security, thy name is Bush! Really and truly, other than all the rest of us Americans whom he doesn't care a fig about, who else would be damaged by what is said in the 'roo courts? Certainly not the detainees for their fate has for sure already been decided by the evil Vizier Dickwahd al-Cheney.


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