Monday, May 16, 2016

Having No Issues or Policies To Run On

Combined with his total lack of ethical character and the moral fiber of a Denebian Slime Devil, Donald Trump has set out a very simple campaign against Hillary Clinton. He and his people will dredge up every bit of smear, slime and shit ever thrown at her or Bill and dump as much as possible on her every day until the election.
Donald J. Trump plans to throw Bill Clinton’s infidelities in Hillary Clinton’s face on live television during the presidential debates this fall, questioning whether she enabled his behavior and sought to discredit the women involved.

Mr. Trump will try to hold her accountable for security lapses at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and for the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens there.

And he intends to portray Mrs. Clinton as fundamentally corrupt, invoking everything from her cattle futures trades in the late 1970s to the federal investigation into her email practices as secretary of state.

Drawing on psychological warfare tactics that Mr. Trump used to defeat “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, “Little Marco” Rubio and “Low-Energy” Jeb Bush in the Republican primaries, the Trump campaign is mapping out character attacks on the Clintons to try to increase their negative poll ratings and bait them into making political mistakes, according to interviews with Mr. Trump and his advisers.

Another goal is to win over skeptical Republicans, since nothing unites the party quite like castigating the Clintons. Attacking them could also deflect attention from Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities, such as his treatment of women, some Trump allies say.

For Mrs. Clinton, the coming battle is something of a paradox. She has decades of experience and qualifications, but it may not be merit that wins her the presidency — it may be how she handles the humiliations inflicted by Mr. Trump.

She would make history as the first woman to be a major-party nominee, yet she would also be viewed, in part, through the prism of her husband’s flaws. Some political allies and friends, while disgusted with Mr. Trump, see a certain cosmic symmetry at work: After decades of fighting what she once called “the politics of personal destruction,” Mrs. Clinton will reach the White House only if she survives one more crucible of sordid and scandalous accusations.
Isn't that special, Hillary Clinton will win if she manages to survive her opponents failings. Nobody seems to think the Trumpenfuehrer needs to be cast aside because of those very failings. The ultimate in failing upwards, something the Republicans do so well.

Actually, Donald Trump has two very consistent issues he's running on -- a) send them Messicans back to Messico so God-fearin' Amurricans can take their jobs doing construction and picking fruit, and b) get rid of all those trade deals and go back to a protectionist policy so that factory work has to come back to America where it can employ Americans. And it's a very potent combination with people who've seen good-paying construction jobs go to illegals because the illegals don't have rights and thus contractors prefer them, and who've seen their good-paying factory jobs go overseas to $5/day Chinese and then they're told that they'll have to work for $5/day too if they ever want those factory jobs back in the USA again.

The rest of his platform is unadulterated nonsense that changes from day to day, comprised of wishful thinking, xenophobia, and ignorance about the world outside of the narrow platform of finance and real estate that is Trump's area of specialization. But the fact that he's been consistently hitting on those two issues makes me worry, because that's a whole lot of swing state voters who've been hurt by having their jobs sent overseas or given to illegal immigrants, and they're going to come out in force.


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