Friday, June 19, 2015

What is wrong with white fathers these days?

We don't yet know how much of Dylann Roof's racism was learned at his father's knee, but he did learn a few bad habits.
At some point that changed, and Roof’s slow, aimless walk into adolescence veered off its lightly marked path. He dropped out of high school after ninth grade and didn’t return, drifting anonymously without the apparent moorings of common teenage interests.

By this year, under pressure from his parents to get a job, he was hanging around a local mall, asking shopkeepers what time their stores opened and closed in an unsettling ritual that eventually drew the attention of ­police. Then, a few months ago, Roof was arrested on drug charges as he slipped toward his alleged horrific Wednesday evening visit to Emanuel AME Church, about 100 miles southeast of here in Charleston...

Roof invoked his own country’s racial history with the emblems he chose to display. His car featured a license plate decorated with the Confederate flag, according to a law enforcement official and one of Roof’s friends.

Roof, who lived in Eastover, S.C., not far from Columbia, also had an apparent affinity for guns. Law enforcement officials said his father recently had either bought him a gun as a present or given him money that he used to buy one...

“The whole world is going to be looking at his family who raised this monster,” Roof’s ­uncle, Carson Cowles, said Thursday as he wiped away tears outside his mobile home here. While Roof was quiet and “did stay a lot to himself,” Cowles said, his mother “never raised him to be like this.”
Somebody did.


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