Sunday, June 14, 2015

Family pride loses out to political ambition

John Ellis Bush a/k/a Jeb Bush want to be president like his father and brother before him. He wants to be president in the worst way, which so far seems to be the way he is going about is. But maybe he has finally made a good move.
Jeb Bush rolled out a logo -- “Jeb! 2016” -- for the presidential bid he’s expected to unveil Monday in his adopted hometown of Miami.

The red-lettered brand is devoid of the famous Bush family name he is hoping to distance himself from, and hews close to similar signs he used in his three races for governor in Florida.

Bush also released a three-minute video, featuring Floridians touting his tenure as the state’s chief executive.
Maybe the logo will fool people that he is not a Bush. The video, unfortunately, won't help.


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