Saturday, October 19, 2013

13 months to wonder if he shot himself in the foot

Jeff Denham is a freshman Teabagger Congressmoop from Northern California. From a district that wnet for Obama over Romney. And Rep. Jeff voted against reopening the government.
Denham voted against the bill Wednesday that reopened the government and avoided a default. He also represents a potentially competitive district, whose residents backed President Barack Obama over Republican challenger Mitt Romney by a 50-47 percent margin in 2012.

Now, amid national polling that shows Republicans suffered as a result of the 16-day shutdown, Denham has the next 13 months to make his case in his hometown that he did the right thing.

“I’ve got an opportunity to vote my conscience and vote my district,” Denham said, “and that’s what I did.”...

In Denham’s district, Democrat Michael Eggman, an almond farmer, beekeeper and political novice, is seeking the nomination to unseat the incumbent. He blasted Denham for putting “ideology before our economy [and] politics before the people of this valley.”

Denham, while acknowledging that “I don’t think there’s any winner in this,” insisted the real test will be “over the next two months” as House and Senate negotiators seek a comprehensive budget deal. The bill approved Wednesday sets up the framework for the kind of formal budget negotiations that have not taken place in recent years. Though many are skeptical about the prospects, Denham said a lasting deal will be remembered more than the Wednesday vote.
And a lasting deal is something that the Teabaggers don't want to give Obama. Will his colleagues sink him? Time will tell.


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