Friday, November 20, 2009

So let's see now what happens

At the 2nd inaugural of Karzai of the Afghans, the guest list included to very interesting and different people.
On one side of the cavernous room sat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who's warned that the international community is losing patience with Karzai.

On the other side was Abdul Rashid Dostum, the Afghan warlord who's become a symbol of cronyism and government corruption. Dostum was stripped of his top military post after he was accused of war crimes and investigated for enacting vigilante justice on the streets of Kabul.

Although foreign leaders have demanded that Karzai sideline Dostum and other discredited political allies, the Afghan president is also under pressure to reward those, such as Dostum, who helped him win re-election.
So Secretary Clinton wants Karzai of the Afghans to clean up the corruption. Abdul Rashid Dostum is a prime example of the corruption in the Kabul Quagmire. Secretary Clinton has returned to Washington DC. Abdul Rashid Dostum is still there at the side of Karzai of the Afghans. Frankly, I fully expect the Buffalo Bills to win a Super Bowl before there is any diminution of corruption in the Kabul Quagmire. So why are we still there?

Opps, you fell for one of the shiny little objects that distracts from any discussion of reality.

Every damn DAY of the war, the war mongers and the merchants of death steal more than either one of these Afghanis could steal in a lifetime.

Reality every single troop in Afghanistan costs $1 million a year to keep there.

That is 5 brand new 3 bedroom houses, on a 60 by 100 foot lot per soldier per year. That is 50
brand new cars that could be just given away.

That is medical insurance for the highest risk patients for 35 people for a year.

The Afghans are amateurs. Just pull out. Leave the crap and pull out. Now.

PS the Karzai's buddy is undoubtedly on the CI lying A's payroll so they can have an accurate count of how much Afghanistan grows in opium per year.

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