Sunday, August 10, 2008

A reminder to women voters

John McCain will put you in your place if you put him in the White House.
When it comes to his rough public treatment of women, McCain and his apologists have the excuse at hand that he's an early-'60s, martini-and-mistress Mad Men kind of guy, an image not without its retro charm. One of the fascinations of the series is the way it allows us to see the open culture of sexism at work. It doesn't happen like that anymore, so it's a little like a CGI effect, comparable to seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger sit up after a shotgun blast to the chest in Terminator. (And like the Mad Men lead, Don Draper, McCain is a war hero, a status that wipes clean all slates, including Draper stealing a dead soldier's name and McCain's cheating on his first wife with Cindy.)
Come November, do something good for yourself.


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