Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Holy Shit, they are trying to impeach him

Not Our Dear Embattled Leader, but some one who must surely rank as one of his most highly paid butt-boys, President Musharraf.
Pakistan’s embattled president Musharraf has abruptly cancelled his planned visit to China, as opponents in the ruling coalition move to impeach him.

He was to attend opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics and meet Chinese leaders during his two day visit.

Mohammed Sadiq, a Pakistan foreign ministry spokesman confirmed that the visit was called off, but did not give any reason. The announcement came as the president's opponents met in Islamabad to decide on his impeachment.
And this was a guy who seized power in a military coup. All coups are military in Pakistan because that is where the power is. Somebody want to mention this to Pelosi after she finishes Ron Suskinds new book.


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