Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Height of Presumption

McCain may be a Republican, but he is not the pretzelnut nor is he or any of his lobbyists yet named, much less confirmed, as Secretary of State or Defense. You would never know it as he continues to pass wind in the troubling situation between Russia and Georgia. He is even sending his seconds, Graham and Lieberschmuck, to Georgia, the better to challenge Pooty-Poot to a duel, no doubt. While his concern for his top aide's client is commendable, his constant barking, like some little yappy dog, without any obvious input from the REAL State Dept. merely shows how empty his ideas are and how constrained US options are after 7 years of Bushovik foreign policy failure.

Some one should shorten up his leash before he damages the US position further.

Reoublicans always complain about Jimmy Carter "interfering" with the State Dept. Where's the outrage when Amos McCoy, er, John McCain does it?

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