Thursday, June 15, 2006

US sues New Jersey to protect the guilty

But it really is OK because it is all in the name Nationable Security, and we all know how well Our Dear Embattled Leader has been in that arena. A veritable Ferdinand the Bull on our behalf. The NY Times has the story.
Last month, the New Jersey attorney general quietly issued subpoenas to five telephone companies to determine whether they violated state consumer protection laws by providing records to the National Security Agency.

But on Thursday, the attorney general, Zulima V. Farber, learned that the Justice Department had filed a lawsuit to block those subpoenas, asserting that the state was straying into a federal matter, and that compliance with the subpoenas would damage national security....

.....A few states, including Vermont, Maine and Washington, have indeed promised to investigate.

Still, several lawyers who have followed the controversy, including Barry Steinhardt, director of the A.C.L.U.'s Technology and Liberty Project, said they believed that New Jersey was the first to do something as dramatic, and as legally binding, as issuing subpoenas. At the very least, these lawyers said, it was the first time that the federal government had moved against a state — and rather swiftly and forcefully, at that.
Mustn't let folks know how badly mishandled ODEL's quest for Nationable Security has been. And God forbid they thinks states have rights that ODEL does not personally approve.


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