Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is a strange idea

And that is saying something when you know it is coming from Our Dear Embattled Leader himself.
Fifty years after Hungary's revolt against communism, President Bush said Thursday that war-weary Iraqis can learn from this country's long and bloody struggle against tyranny. "Liberty can be delayed but it cannot be denied," the president said.
Someone please tell Preznit Pinchwit that the Hungarians were struggling against people who invaded Hungary because they didn't like the then leadership of Hungary. Hey, ODEL! Can you say regime change? Because that is what the Soviet army did in 1956. And then they set up their own puppet government.

What sort of leader encourages continued resistence to his own troops? Because the US Army is in the same position that the Soviet Army was in back then. Except that the Soviets did not try to do it on the cheap, sending enough troops to secure the country and as many as 1000 tanks to Budapest alone. Which may be why they succeeded in their mission and Our Dear Embattled Leader failed in his.


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