Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Senate hearings on signing statements

On the face of it, this would appear to be a serious problem. The ludicrous "reasons" given by administration minions would not convince a drug addled radio host. But one has to remember that the chairman of the hearings is Arlen Spector, one of the leading Republican running dogs in the Senate. Arlen who can yap and howl like a pack of wolves at moonrise, always returns to the feet of His Dear Embattled Leader when it counts. And that is when weak and whiny aguements like this will triumph.
Defending Bush, a Justice Department lawyer said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks had made it prudent for the president to protect his powers with signing statements more than did his predecessors.

''Even if there is modest increase, let me just suggest that it be viewed in light of current events and Congress' response to those events,'' said lawyer Michelle Boardman. ''The significance of legislation affecting national security has increased markedly since Sept. 11.''
9/11!, 9/11!, 9/11!


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