Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rep Louise Slaughter NY-28 dissects the Republican sham resoultion

You know, the one this past week that was supposed to be about Iraq and ended up as Republican posturing for the campaign ads. Rep. Slaughter, a Democrat with stones, has an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune of all places giving more details than you got from your daily newspaper.
Thursday, Congress was supposed to have a serious debate on the war in Iraq. A debate that was certainly warranted, given that on that same day we reached a new, tragic milestone: 2,500 of our soldiers killed in Iraq. But instead of honoring those soldiers with an honest, exhaustive discussion on the mission they gave their lives for, the Republican leadership chose to hold a sham debate, a charade put on for political purposes with no real opportunity for openness or progress....

.....Clearly, however, Thursday wasn't about policy, or progress. It was about politics. It was about giving the majority a chance to make cheap political attacks against Democrats in anticipation of the coming midterm elections. And, to make that perfectly clear, an internal Republican memo about the coming debate discussed how to best smear Democrats during the debate more than it discussed our policies in Iraq.
Even during a supposed debate on a war, the Republican leadership's main concern is painting Democrats in a negative light. Because that, truly, was the purpose of Thursday's session. And to waste time on political posturing when we could have been working toward a better policy in Iraq is not only disrespectful to the 2,500 American soldiers who have given their lives to this cause, it's unconscionable.
But you know the Republicans need to smear honest, hard working Democrats because it is all they know how to do and they do so love the troops.


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