Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our Dear Embattled Leader is a failure

That is the opinion of 86% of the leading foreign policy experts. Mind you, these are people who have "been there and done that".
Washington is failing to make progress in the global war on terror and the next 9/11-style attack is not a question of if, but when. That is the scathing conclusion of a survey of 100 leading American foreign-policy analysts.

In its first "Terrorism Index," released yesterday, the influential journal Foreign Policy found surprising consensus among the bipartisan experts.

Some 86 per cent of them said the world has grown more, not less, dangerous, despite President George W. Bush's claims that the U.S. is winning the war on terror.

The main reasons for the decline in security, they said, were the war in Iraq, the detention of terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay, U.S. policy towards Iran and U.S. energy policy.

The survey's participants included an ex-secretary of state and former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, along with prominent members of the U.S. foreign-policy establishment.

The majority served in previous administrations or in senior military ranks.
And how do they score ODEL and his hare-brained policy efforts?
Across the board, they rated Washington's diplomatic efforts as abysmal, with a median score of 1.8 out of 10.
And even a moderately intelligent person can understand why they think this is so.
"The reason is that it's clear to nearly all that Bush and his team have had a totally unrealistic view of what they can accomplish with military force and threats of force."
But these poor, deluded experts seem to think that Bushovik foreign policy is something more than fodder for the voters at home. What happens over there is unimportant to ODEL and his minions so long as it keeps "the base" fired up. Even if it means another 9/11 before the election.


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