Friday, June 23, 2006

McCain does something good

If only to get rid of a few people who wouldn't support him anyway. Most of what is detailed has been brought forth earlier but this puts it together in a nice, organized and official Senate report.
While not accusing Mr. Reed of having knowledge of their crimes, the new report offers a rich — and for Mr. Reed potentially damaging — chronology of his close friendship with Mr. Abramoff and of the millions of dollars that Mr. Abramoff directed to Mr. Reed from Indian tribe clients who were seeking to protect their casinos from competition.

The report also raised new questions about the actions of Mr. Ney, who has acknowledged that he has been subpoenaed for information by the grand jury in Washington.

The Senate committee suggested that there was extensive evidence to dispute statements made by Mr. Ney to its investigators that he had done no special favors for a small tribe in El Paso that paid millions of dollars to Mr. Abramoff in a fruitless effort to reopen a shuttered casino. The tribe, the Tiguas, was asked by Mr. Abramoff to underwrite Mr. Ney's trip to Scotland.
Another spotlighted villain in the piece is Grover Norquisling, noted anarchist and head of [Rich] Americans for [Our Own] Tax Relief.
according to evidence gathered by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, was that Norquist's Americans for Tax Relief became a conduit for more than a million dollars from the Mississippi Choctaw to Reed's operation, while Norquist, a close White House ally, took a cut....

....Relying on an e-mail by Abramoff, the Senate report said "Norquist kept" $25,000 from each of two transfers from the Choctaw to Reed. The report provided evidence about four transfers for about $1.2 million in all.

Norquist is part of a large cast of characters in the scandal.
Sadly the only appearent penalty to Norquisling would be civil penalties from the IRS.


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