Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Karen Hughes PR campaign scores "own goal"

People who would read this blog know that Karen Hughes, Our Dear Embattled Leaders second string mom, was given the task of making the United States look better in the rest of the world, with emphasis on the Middle East. So it was shocking to hear her second in command Colleen Graffy, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy, say the deaths were "a good PR move". Needless to say, any good effect that Karen may have had immediately and irrevocably went down the toilet.
In an editorial headlined "Bad Language", the right-leaning Times, normally a defender of Britain's alliance with the United States, said such rhetoric "plays once again into the hands of America's enemies."

The left-leaning Guardian described Admiral Harris's remarks as "cold and odious". "The demented logic of Dr Strangelove hung like a ghost" over the U.S. response to the suicides, it said.
And these were just the comments from our friends the Limeys. The Arab world was even less impressed by Colleens compassion. She must be a Cheney appointee.

Karen Hughes is great. Leave her alone!She is sending kids from around the world to the World Cup. This will be fun for the kids and help to improve Germany's image.

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