Sunday, January 29, 2006

What is Bush Hiding?

With this title, Larry Johnson, formerly of the CIA, delves into the hows and whys of Our Dear Embattled Leader's illegal spying on Americans.
I suppose the average American, one who has never held a security clearance or handled NSA intelligence, is inclined to cut George W. Bush some slack. Only a crazy person would argue that Al Qaeda terrorists have a right of privacy in the United States. But that, my friends, is a canard. The issue is not about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Instead, does this President, hell, any President, have the right to unilaterally decide what does and does not constitute a threat to national security? We are a Republic founded on the principle that the power of the Federal Government is limited. It does not matter if George W. Bush is sincere or his intentions benign. What matters is whether he has chosen to ignore the Fourth Amendment because he, and he alone, has decided that the end justifies the means.

As one who has had access to NSA material, I am completely puzzled by the refusal of the Bush Administration to seek FISA approval for what amounts to roving wiretaps.
If folks like Larry Johnson, who know what they are doing, don't like ODEL's illegal spying, then we all should be up in arms against this evil.

Whe working as an intellibence analyst at NSA while serving in the Army I remember signing some paper work that stated that I would not spy on Americans or foreign nationals on American soil. We all had to sign that paper work.

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