Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Once you start lying, keep saying it loud and often.

Atty Gen Alberto "Electrodes" Gonzalez is out and about trying loudly to justify the commission of Our Dear Embattled Leader's crime.
In a speech at Georgetown University, Mr. Gonzales also said that it was crucial for the president to be able to act quickly using the professional judgment of intelligence experts to gather information on potential plots.

As President Bush had in a speech on Monday, Mr. Gonzales asserted that the wiretaps were not a domestic surveillance program. The wiretaps only involved calls or e-mail between someone in the United States and someone in a foreign country "when experienced intelligence experts have reason to believe that one party to the communication is a member of Al Qaeda or has an affiliation with it," Mr. Gonzales said.
We are supposed to believe an administration that has been lying since Day One. We are supposed to believe that an administration that has diplayed monumental incompetence in protecting the US, running a war and responding to a monumental disaster can do what they say they will.
At the same time, General Hayden acknowledged that some purely domestic communications might be accidentally intercepted. The New York Times reported last month that this appeared to have happened in a small number of cases because of the difficulties posed by globalized communications in determining whether a phone call or e-mail message was truly "international."
A small number would be the thousands of irrelevant leads the FBI has been chasing down? When you go fishing with a large net, there is no "small number".


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