Friday, January 27, 2006

Now we know why they were so slow.

According to this article in the NY Times today, The White House and Our Dear Embattled Leader's response to Katrina was so inept because the White House was "beset by the "fog of war". Is that a new kind of vodka?
"We are left with a picture of a White House that was plagued by the fog of war," said David Marin, the Republican staff director to the House committee investigating the government's response to the hurricane. "The committee is likely to find a disturbing inability by the White House to de-conflict and analyze information — and that had consequences."

Trent Duffy, the deputy White House press secretary, who also attended the briefing, acknowledged that all levels of the government had suffered from a lack of clarity about the events as they developed.

"There was a lack of situational awareness at all levels," Mr. Duffy said in an interview on Friday.
To those who may be unaware of governmental jargon, "lack of situational awareness at all levels" means that they could not grab their own butts with both hands.


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